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Individual Services


Members of our military share a common bond because of the unique circumstances that they have experienced.  Often they feel more comfortable sharing their experiences with a fellow veteran. Having served a tour in a combat zone, Jim has both the personal experience and professional training to do therapy with those experiencing things such as:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Transition Issues entering civilian life or returning from deployment

  • Relationship Issues

A US Soldier
Person receiving teletherapy

There are times when clients cannot come to the office, whether because of quarantine, travel commitments or family commitments.  After an initial in-person appointment to ensure that teletherapy is appropriate, arrangements can be made to do teletherapy.  In some instances, insurance can be filed for this service.  HIPPA-compliant platforms are used for teletherapy.  Learn more here.


Often the issues that people encounter have a spiritual component.  For instance, dealing with aging parents may also trigger questions of faith.  As an active, ordained Presbyterian minister and Board Certified Chaplain, Jim is happy to explore questions of faith with clients in a non-judgemental way. 

Woman in prayerful pose
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