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Olive Branch Family Therapy, PLLC is now offering coaching services as a tool for growth and change. Coaching is a strengths based approach that assumes people are "naturally creative, resourceful and whole."[1]  Change happens in a collaborative relationship between a coach and a coachee.


Coaching emphasizes action. In the coaching methodology the coachee is asked in each session to commit to actions that will forward the coachee's goals set out at the beginning of the coaching relationship. Coaching is typically time limited, specific and focused on results. 


Coaching is effective for people in a variety of situations.  For example:

  • An executive who is feeling "stuck" in their job.

  • A college student who procrastinates in making life decisions

  • A parent who is frustrated with their young adult child

  • A person facing major life changes

  • A manager who wants to improve their communication skills

If you feel like coaching is appropriate for you please reach out to Jim Workman using the contact form below.

Coaching fees are typically $150 a session with packages available for a reduced session fee when full payment is made at the beginning of the coaching relationship. Please note all coaching fees are self-pay fees. While Olive Branch Family Therapy, PLLC is paneled to take insurance for therapy, insurance panels will not cover fees for coaching. 

Coaching designed specifically for clergy and congregations is also available. Click here to learn more.

[1] Kimsey-House, H., Kimsey-House, K., Sandhal, P., & Whitworth, L. (2018). Co-Active Coaching, Fourth Edition: The proven framework for transformative conversations at work and in life(4th ed.). Nicholas Brealey, p4.

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Jim Workman has completed the Coach Approach Skill Training (CAST) program, which is accredited by the International Federation of Coaches (ICF) and is currently working toward being credentialed as an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

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