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Photo of Jim Workman
AAMFT Clinical Fellow

About Jim Workman

James L. Machado Workman, MDiv, MA, BCC, LMFT

American Association for Marriage and Family (AAMFT)

Clinical Fellow

Jim's Philosophy:

Jim's approach to family therapy is a culmination of his life's work with people in a variety of settings. His philosophy of therapy grows out of his many years as a pastoral care giver to persons of various faiths.  Jim’s vision of therapy is to “work with people in relationship to help them make sense out of the chaos of life." Jim has extensive clinical experience in the field of trauma, having completed two clinical residences at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA (2000-2002) specializing in trauma during his second year.  Jim is also an honorably discharged Veteran with eight years military service including combat experience as a Chaplain during Operation Iraqi Freedom (2002-2004).  After returning from that deployment, Jim served as a clinical chaplain and interfaith spiritual care provider at Pitt County Memorial Hospital (now Vident Medical Center-Greenville, NC), Duke HomeCare and Hospice (Durham, NC), and Rex Health Care (Raleigh, NC). Jim believes that each client is a "living human document" with an individual story that is continually revised by the client. Jim works collaboratively with clients as they author their own story in therapy. Jim is committed to honoring the diversity and authenticity of his clients. While work with spiritual and religious themes have been a focus of his clinical work for many years, Jim's practice of therapy is in no way limited to these themes. He invites clients to feel comfortable including these themes in therapy if they desire to do so. In addition to Jim's extensive experience with interfaith spirituality, Jim has additional specialized training and experience in the following areas:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Issues related to cancer diagnosis

  • Grief/Bereavement 

  • End of life issues

  • Depression/Bipolar Disorder

  • Adult and child ADHD/ADD

  • Adjustment challenges related to stages of development in the family life cycle (children entering school, "launching children", career transitions, retirement etc.)

  • Veterans issues (Moral Injury, post-deployment adjustment, service connected injuries etc.)

  • Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques

  • Couple's assessments using the Prepare-Enrich inventory 

  • Train clergy, therapists, and others on using Prepare-Enrich

Clients are invited to learn more about Jim's professional history by following the LinkedIn button at the bottom of the page.  Additional information is also on his Psychology Today profile.  Rev. James L. Machado Workman is listed at

Jim's Interests:

The ethical practice of therapy centers on client identified needs and goals. However, therapists recognize that it can be helpful for clients to know something about the therapist they will be trusting in a therapeutic relationship.


Jim enjoys the area's many green spaces, geneolgy research, and he is a motorcycle enthusiast who makes frequent trips to western North Carolina to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway.   

Jim Workman's family
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