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Frequently Asked Questions about Teletherapy

How does Teletherapy work?  Do I need special equipment?

In many ways, teletherapy is like in-person therapy - you enter through a virtual waiting room and you meet privately with the therapist.  The difference is you are in the comfort of your home or office.  Olive Branch Family Therapy uses Google Teams to provide a secure connection with your therapist.  To access the software, a computer, tablet, or smartphone will work. Please call the office to find out more about this technology.

Is Teletherapy good in all situations?

Telethearpy is a wonderful option, especially during the COVID19 pandemic.  It provides an option for people who would otherwise not have access to therapy.  There are some situations where teletherapy may not be the best option.  Your therapist will help you determine if teletherapy is a good option for you.

Does my insurance provide for Teletherapy?

Many insurance companies are covering teletherapy, especially in response to the COVID19 pandemic.  However, every insurance company is different.  Please check with your insurance company or plan administrator to find out if teletherapy is covered at this time.

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