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Coaching for Clergy & Congregations

As both a minister and therapist, Jim Workman understands the challenges and joys of life in ministry.  Pastors, chaplains, and church leaders can benefit from Jim's experience and education as they negotiate life in community.  Coaching is appropriate for many church leaders who are facing confusing situations or who need some help navigating the church/home life.

Many people have described a church as a complicated system, which is certainly true. As a pastor, with years of education and experience with systems theory, Jim can help congregations address the challenges they face and find healthier ways of interacting.   If your congregation is experiencing conflict, facing an uncertain future, or has been through a traumatic experience, coaching may be right for you.  Use this button to contact Jim Workman today:


Coaching fees are typically $150 a session for clergy/church leaders with packages available for a reduced session fee when full payment is made at the beginning of the coaching relationship. Coaching for congregations is negotiable based on the situation and services needed.  Please note all coaching fees are self-pay fees. While Olive Branch Family Therapy, PLLC is paneled to take insurance for therapy, insurance panels will not cover fees for coaching. 

Image by Stephen Radford
Image by Karl Fredrickson

Jim Workman is working toward completing Coach Approach Skill Training (CAST) accredited by the International Federation of Coaches (ICF) and is currently working toward being credentialed as an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

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